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So, I heard about the new launch British Rose by Body Shop. Luckily I went out this weekend and end up buying this gel based body scrub. I am not a good writer but as I have decided to start bloggi…

Source: The Body Shop – British Rose



So, I heard about the new launch British Rose by Body Shop. Luckily I went out this weekend and end up buying this gel based body scrub.

I am not a good writer but as I have decided to start blogging. Why not start with this new launch from Body Shop. I will be categorizing this product in First Look, Name, Quantity, Quality, Packaging, Price, After using, Over all ratings.

To start with – DISCLAIMER – I want to say that don’t go on what people think or what I think. You will get to know this particular product when you use it. I will be sharing my personal experience or thought about the particular product which I will tell you guys after me using that product.

Let’s start,

1. First Look – 


When I enter the store, first thing I see is their new launch. Body Shop has a theme or we can say style where whatever they launch something new or if there is a discount they put those products in front.

So when I saw British Rose products. I was super excited because it seems so luxurious to me that I couldn’t stop myself to buy it. I have this in me that whatever I think of buying before buying I always smell that products. I did the same with this product too.

The smell of this product is marvelous. You could actually smell beautiful roses. I have never smell British roses but I could smell and get the exact fragrance of roses.

 So overall first look for me to grab the product right there right now.

2. Name – 

I actually go by the name of the product. Name is what catches you first to at least go and take some efforts to see the new products.

The name was very catchy for me at least. It sounds like some antiques. I really liked the name.

3. Quantity –

 It is good enough. A standard quantity to try a new product. Before you buy a new product you always think of buying the smallest one which is a normal human mentality. 250 ml is a standard quantity which you need that much for you to try and how can I forget that getting a new product in your family especially in Joint family what happens to that product. :p

4. Quality –

This is the part where you don’t want to take any risk. Quality is IMPORTANT. If I talk about this product then it has a very smooth texture, thick gel, fine scrub and no harsh.

There are some harsh scrubs in other brands where after using you end up getting scares after rubbing it on your skin.

But this product is very skin friendly. Thumbs up for that.

5. Packaging –

 Black always works and it attracts you more and when it has beautiful rose on it then it’s like a cherry on the cake. It looks beautiful and eye catchy.

Personally, I did like the packaging too. LOL

P.s – I am not trying to sell this product but I liked it personally and remember this blog is not sponsored I have bought it from my money. hehe

6. Price –


Of course, This is the next step after we see any product. Being a part of middle class family we always see the price before buying any product. For me it is expensive. We always think of buying products which is cheaper. But we a have a thing of trying almost all the new products which are  in the market. We always as the shopkeeper of showing something new every time we enter.

As Body shop is a big name company so high price is their in our mind by – default.

7. After using –

Yes, everybody wants to know how are you feeling after using the product. First impression is always the last impression.

I felt it like I was  rubbing fresh roses on my skin and I love roses. It gives me a feeling of “love”. :p

Jokes apart but after using this gel scrub it makes your skin soft and leaves it with mild fragrance of these British rose vibes which makes you feel fresh whole day. you don’t need to go harsh on your skin while using a scrub. You just need to rub it gently and slowly because you love your skin anyways. I loved the texture of having a thick gel based scrub which doesn’t fall while using on your skin.

The product itself says “Smoothes and refines skin – Beautiful Rose petals and essence of hand-picked roses from Britain”


8. Overall rating

After telling so much about this product that how much I am loving it already I would give 4.5/ 5. 

Conclusion – Hope you guys liked my first product review. I am sorry if I have missed out anything or wrote anything wrong or may be extra. But this is what I think personally from my point of view. Do try the product and try by yourself guys. I would surely recommend from my end. Do share your thoughts with me after using it. I would love to hear your views as well. xoxo

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It’s been long long long time I wrote a Blog. I used to write whatever comes in my mind. But now I have decided to write to Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle related blog where I will be showing off my looks, makeup, reviews etc etc etc. ::HAPPY FACE:: ♥

I am not a writer but I love to share my work and get appreciated. Hope you guys stay updated and follow me. Let’s start a new family and share love. ♥

Sounds like a perfect plan. But before that if you ask me where I was lost reply to that would be I was here only guys. If you didn’t know then I started my YouTube channel on makeup and fashion related videos where I give easy tips and tricks too. Do check my channel and Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel before you miss out anything interesting. I will upload atleast one fashion or beauty related blog every week. So stay updated and do follow me lovers. Do suggest me about what you guys want to see or read in my blogs I will surely try to add a spice on that in my blogs. xoxo

Here are some of my favorite videos which I uploaded on youtube –

!!!!!! Dubsmash !!!!!!

So, as you know that I am a mad blogger… Just love to write what comes in my mind.. This time is to share my dubsmash videos… LOL

P.S – I know I am totally crazy..!!

Here is my first ever blog to share my funny Dubsmash videos….

Hope you like it…. Do share and comment your views…

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A frustrated cup of tea!!!!

I don’t know what to say. I am writing my blog after a long time. I want to tell so many things. But I will try to cover everything.

First of all, its seriously hard to find a job after you complete your MBA. I know you have to be lucky enough to get it soon. If  I talk about my experience or can say journey from completing my Post-Graduation to getting a job is the worst feeling ever. I started trying to find job before my final exams may be almost 3 months back. There are such a weird kind of people who just wastes your time like I had applied for almost more then 50 – 70 companies and from these 70 companies approx 30 didn’t even bothered to reply (they love about there company to highlight), from 40 companies 20 companies want me to work free for them (as if they were doing a big favor for not paying me). Now rest 20 companies some of them called me for interview and never turned up till now (I think they wanted a person with a rocket at his back, antenna on his head, 3015 year version of Google in his mind and so many other versions for different part of my body which they surely will find a perfect match in next 1000 years I am sure). They also need experience people ….. experience seriously!!! (Do you have that much?????)

I would really have appreciated if they could have replied soon after interviewing me and other people and replied to each and every person who gave interview as they wanted us to work with them. There should have been some kind of reply if they have selected or not selected anyone from us. (it was actually required as you were the person who said you want to hire people and never showed that enthusiasm as you showed while giving Job Description).

P.s – they thought there is a bird flying around them which will receive the result from them and deliver it to us. I am still trying to find that lovely invisible bird.

I am writing this because I am seriously fed up with these people who think they can run there business by fooling others and doing time pass. They should know how to hire people and how to response and how to work professionally and be loyal to what they do and what they promise to others and to there company.

Don’t worry !!!!!! I know how to get my self in a perfect company to work in where people actually respect your work.

Hope “WE” (me and these other companies) do meet again where you realize your mistake and I smile at you saying “Good Luck For Your Future“.


Here is my first photography blog where I want to share my very special clicks for all my readers. Hope you all like it.

A trip to Udaipur, Rajasthan – the Lake city…..


sun set ….


just got set….


lake city…. what i said…!!


It was memorable trip which took me to a close view of natural beauty. After my college event in Ahmedabad which was very hard to execute. Firstly, I thought I won’t be able to perform well in this event but at the end the event was out of this world and our group did a fabulous job. 

After this I thought to plan my birthday in Udaipur. The trip which was hard to forget. The mountains and hills, sun set, greenery, silent lake, best company of friends, traditional shopping and much more which I can’t even express in words. I think one should go to experience the most happening places in Udaipur.


my imagination.


lake palace…


city palace

I tried to cover each and every place which I could in Udaipur in almost 4 days but I couldn’t. The places which I went was City palaceFateh Sagar, Old city market, Jagdish Mandir, Sajjan garh, the most happening place to have coffee just close to lake i.e Jheel café in gangaur ghat and how can I forget Panna vilas where we went every day. Finally, I celebrated my birthday in Ambrai restaurant in proper rajwadi (rajput/ rajasthani) style as i wanted.  

It was also a short photography tour for me to explore more in the city through my photographs. 

<<Hope everyone likes it. Tried to upload the most happening pictures for my blog. >> There are more pictures.  



OMG! What a trip. My short and sweet, but most memorable trip to Udaipur.  ^_^




view from sajjan garh


raja ka sihasan..!!


i love this city…


chetak ghoda….


A salute to Raja Maharana Pratap…!!


Thank god men cannot fly otherwise they would have thrown their waste in the sky as they have done on earth. The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long back if they were happened to reach within the human hands. But its OK they are not that bad as I was thinking. There are good men too. I have been looking for some and kind of I found in my new college Whistling woods international. Firstly, it has a great campus which always gives me inspiration to go ahead and become a known personality.


As I have been talking about assignments on my previous blog that how I’m getting mad over them. The best thing I saw in WWI that they work 90% online. They always have a motto to stay Eco-friendly. All my weekly time tables I got to know them on my whistling woods email id. Whatever they want to update us like about our assignments, changes, latest activities, master class, film screening etc. This college has always taught me how to stay connected online. How can we stay updated always? I really love my college. It also taught me that “Do what you Love”.

From this idea I think I should always save pages and will stop wasting so much. I will start my personal motto to be Eco-friendly. By working online you can also learn so many different things too. You can be a multi tasked soon. We should take this inspiration and make our work easier. In my further selection of course I would be choosing Mass communication in WWI and would love to learn to be more on online basis rather than boring paper work sometimes.

“Because we don’t think about future generation, we waste so much. We should stop wasting paper and stay Eco-friendly”.       Image


As soon as I here about a New Assignment I start running from it. I just HATE doing it. From school days to college days everything changes from our style to personality. The only thing which doesn’t change is mad assignments from which we can’t get out of it. My new PG college Whistling woods international has given me a bunch of assignments which comes one after the other. The thing which I hated the most actually I have to do it as if I loved it the most i.e writing. I don’t know how to write a blog or an article or a review of any movie. But WWI has taught me how to love my assignments and literary by writing so much I have started liking it on some extent, but not that much.


In this college I have got inspiration from my seniors, my faculties, my talented class mates and how can I forget our great eco-friendly college campus. Who are so multi-talented personalities from whom I started getting positivity to work more hard to brighten my future? As I will be choosing Mass Communication in my college WWI, I would love to learn more and more which I hated the most in my life. But not only want to learn what I hated the most, also want to learn production and audio visuals simultaneously. Hard work is must in my life now.  

As of now, I’m getting mad over these college assignments because I can’t do so many assignments at one time. At least we should get some time for each assignments to get over, before getting our next assignments. I still have to finish five assignments more before heading off to my Diwali vacations. I haven’t met my parents after my college got started. And Diwali is such a big festival for us to celebrate and pray to goddess. Hope to get fewer assignments so that after coming back from my holidays I have to start studying for my PG exams.

Happy Diwali to everybody.    Image